Ancestry research in Hesse

Homepage of Michael & Michaela Geisler

Our hobby is the ancestry research in Hesse, our homepage should help to make the search in Hesse easier. Many helped us with this work, you can see it on the pages.

Our sites about ancestry in Hesse:

Hesse about 1787

regiments and companies

descendents lists

ancestry lists

search for persons, families and towns

emigrants and immigrants

list of towns and cities

searchers and their homepages


archives, for example the Zentralstelle für Personen- und Familiengeschichte

pics of different scripts



We are searching for our neigbours Meredith & Robert Michael Taylor who lived in Schwalbach in Hesse in the 80s. Their last location we know was Barstow, California. Can someone tell us, if they are alive and where they live? Here is a picture of them with their dog Honey.

guest book

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